Deposit Slip

Deposit Slip


No more copy errors and hours lost compiling data and manually preparing your deposit slips.

What is Deposit Slip?

Deposit Slip is an Acomba-compatible program for producing and printing complete deposit slips based on transactions you have already entered in Acomba.

Who is Deposit Slip for?

Deposit Slip is for all Acomba Accounts Receivable application users who wish to save time by automating deposit slip production.

Why use Deposit Slip?

With Deposit Slip, you no longer have to enter checks manually since the program does the calculations according to your instructions.

You no longer have to enter the name, invoice number and amount of deposit for each cheque since this information is automatically taken from the payment entry.

You also eliminate manual transcription errors: no more incorrect amounts or cheque numbers, illegible characters, etc. These errors result in endless hours of wasted time and many returned deposit slips. In addition, your deposit slips are cleaner and the information printed thereon is easier to read.

Finally, you facilitate the search process since each slip is archived and is available for consultation at any time.

Deposit Slip

With Deposit Slip, it is easy to produce deposit slips in just a few minutes. Simply.

1 Select the financial institution in which to make the deposit.

Select the financial institution

2 Check the payments to deposit.

Check the payments to deposit.

Deposit Slip also takes care of cash deposits.

Deposit Slip also takes care of cash deposits.

3 Print the deposit slip.

Print the deposit slip.

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Simply sign, fold and put the slip in a deposit envelope.

Available in cloud mode