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Manage your contacts effectively and optimize your targeting activities

What is Connexions?

The ConneXions module centralizes and organizes information on your business contacts (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.), which allows you to generate specific lists and reports based on a multitude of criteria.

Create and manage an unlimited number of contacts whose information is integrated into customer and supplier files.

Define the relationships between your contacts for greater accuracy in your reports.

Manage customized lists to communicate with specific groups of contacts.

For example: contact information for the "sales representatives" of all my suppliers, my contacts in region x, my customers who purchased for more than $x last year, my customers who purchased product x, etc.)

Send your statements of account by email to all your customers in a single mailing.

Detailed functions:

  • Create customized contact networks
  • Assign different statuses and different relationships to a same contact
  • Automatically adjust networks based on changes made
  • Benefit from a dozen pre-configured relationships and the ability to create your own (is a director of, accountant of, etc.)
  • Export email or postal address lists
  • Associate contacts with their social network files (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Produce reports (invoicing, accounts payable, customer network, etc.)
  • Display comments or notes upon opening contacts
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