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Worth a Thousand
Numbers with
Acomba BI Mobile

The Acomba team is proud to announce the official launch of Acomba BI Mobile, a business intelligence application which gives Acomba users access to a clear overview of their finances, at any time and from any device.


As discussed in a previous article, today, Canadians log on to the Internet through their mobile devices more often than through their computers. Acomba BI Mobile has adapted to this new reality by enabling Acomba software users to view their performance indicators directly on their smartphones and tablets.

However, Acomba BI Mobile’s main convenience lies not in its mobile access, but in the comprehensive financial view it offers its users.

Annual sales summary by sales  representative

A Graphical Summary

Acomba BI Mobile is the product of the collaboration between developers and professional designers. Together, they designed graphs which make it easy to understand Acomba accounting software data. The resulting picture of a company’s financial situation, combined with the option of activating customizable alerts, enables businesspeople to make better decisions and to make them more quickly.

Distribution of sales by sales representative

Working capital

To view the list of graphic indicators and begin a free trial period, visit the official Web page of Acomba BI Mobile.

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