Launch of the Acomba GO platform

We are very proud of this new feature. After several months of work, we are launching the latest innovation in the large Acomba family: the Acomba GO web platform, which allows you to move freely and can be used on multiple devices.

The deployment of this platform fits perfectly in our objective of contributing to the success of local SMBs by offering them management solutions perfectly adapted to their business needs.

In the last few years, easy access to the web, its pervasiveness in our daily lives and the increasing use of mobile devices has evolved the management needs of businesses in all activity sectors. Acomba GO is therefore the ideal response to this evolution and the platform's mobility will allow our customers to benefit from new flexibility.

What is Acomba GO?

Acomba GO applies the same principle that made Acomba indispensable in the business field in Quebec: modularity. Acomba GO lets you build a management solution customized to your needs and which grows with your business.

The new platform is completely different from the traditional Acomba software and modules: a new interface and unique new functionalities!

New web modules

The first two products from the Acomba GO line will be powered by this platform. We started by launching two web modules: Customers and Invoicing and Quotations and Orders.

The web modules have been designed to work in harmony with traditional Acomba desktop software (or even alone, without accounting software). This allows a business to continue managing its accounting at the office with our robust software and to now manage the rest of its operations remotely, when employees are on the road or visiting customers.

These two modules complement each other perfectly and optimize the management of customer accounts and the overall billing process, including the creation of quotations, customer orders and complete invoices.

The best of both worlds

By offering these web modules, our objective is to offer a hybrid solution to businesses seeking more flexibility, without obligating them to change their office accounting management software.

Regardless of the module chosen, accounting continues to be done using the Acomba desktop software, but ensures the business that its processes are unified and its data are adjusted in real time. Data entered in these two web modules are synchronized with the Acomba desktop software to avoid lost time and mistakes when entering data manually.

On the horizon

We are continuing to develop modules and several others will be deployed in the next few months. Customers will then be able to create a solution that truly fits their company needs. Watch our website for the arrival of other Acomba GO modules and any other new feature!

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