e-CRMCustomer relationship management software powered by CentrixOne

Manage your customer relationships with comprehensive and reliable software accessible from anywhere

The e-CRM customer relationship software is a versatile tool designed for entrepreneurs who need an efficient turnkey solution accessible from anywhere to improve their sales and facilitate communications with currentand potential customers.

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e-CRM prices and packages

Benefit from the easy to learn functions
of the mobile platform and web e-CRM

Manage opportunities Reduce lost time and boost the performances of your sales team

  • Follow-up on potential customers.
  • Centralize your contacts and their profiles.
  • Integrate your calendar and easily plan your important follow-ups.

Manage contacts and customer files Centralize your business processes and make your job easier

  • Always have your customers’ latest contact information on hand.
  • Automatically synchronize your Acomba customers’ data.
  • Rapidly consult the list of prices applicable to each customer, the level of discount and the terms of payment.

Email sending tool Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

  • Effortlessly create attractive emails using an easy to use editor.
  • Easily analyze the results of your mail campaigns.
  • Be assured that your mass-mailings respect Canada’s Anti-Spam Law.

Dashboards Make your data speak, make informed decisions

  • Optimize your decision-making process with clear, concise and accessible dashboards
  • Keep control: Easily check your sales information, your representatives’ activities and individual or team pipelines.

Document vault Your data are centralized and secure

  • Access your contracts and other important documents quickly and at any time.
  • Be assured that your sellers always send the right version of sales documents to their customers.
  • Consolidate your presentations and marketing campaign images to make them easy to access.

Web analysis tool Assess your Internet presence objectively and effectively

  • Capture and analyze your web data (pages viewed, visits, etc.)
  • Follow and analyze your impact on the social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Marketing automation Automatically perform planned actions or repetitive tasks

  • Configure emails and reminders using the parameters of your choice.
  • Target your public according to their actions and preferences.
  • Generate automatic answers to queries from forms on your website.

Synchronization with Acomba and Acomba X No manual data entry: start up quickly and easily!

  • The contacts created in e-CRM automatically generate a customer file in your management software (and vice-versa).
  • Quotations, orders and invoices created in Acomba and Acomba X are associated by default with a customer in e-CRM.

A complete support service

  • 4 hours of training and startup assistance included with the subscription.
  • Unlimited access to technical support.
  • Access to updates and new features.

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+ $399

in startup fees


  • 4 h of training
  • Configuration of your CRM

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Training and support

Startup package -

  • Understanding how the CRM works
  • Creating and managing accounts and contacts
  • Creating and managing tasks
  • Entering sales opportunities
  • Using the document vault


  • Navigation Contacts - architecture and data structure
  • Searching for a contact and an account
  • Creating, managing and filtering contacts
  • Viewing the activities of a contact
  • Sending an email
  • Creating and managing opportunities and attaching documents
  • Creating and managing tasks
  • Using dashboards
  • Using the online help

Length: 4 hours


Startup package -
Basic +

  • Understanding how the database works
  • Understanding the steps in the email sending process
  • Overview of the email editor function
  • Creating and managing email templates
  • Viewing reports


  • Understanding the steps in the email sending process
  • Email templates
  • Internal alert templates
  • Filters and using data
  • Identifying and tracing links and clicks
  • Learning how the email editor works
  • How email permissions work
  • Viewing email activity reports
  • Advanced contact and data management
  • Secure documents - Managing documents and making them available
  • Web analysis (installation required) - Follow the activity on my website or my destination page

Length: 8 hours


Customized support

  • Administration of several users and several databases
  • Creating and managing users and accesses
  • Managing security and access to data
  • Importing lists of contacts
  • Managing lists
  • Creating customized fields
  • Creating types of income
  • Creating sales steps
  • Assigning contacts to representatives
  • Copying contacts into another campaign
  • How to use the help files

Web integration

  • Website integration
  • Forms integration

Marketing Automation

  • Planning automation and creating a program flow
  • Automation examples
  • The 3 operating principles of automation
  • Trigger
  • Time lapse
  • Action
  • Possible actions in marketing automation: opportunities, tasks, email, database.
  • Entries in the database, creating tasks and opportunities and sending emailsIdentification and relationships with the database fields
  • Dependencies with emails
  • Identifying and tracing links and clicks Templates
  • How to assign values for lead scoring
  • Creating lead nurturing campaigns
  • Creating internal notification emails for sales representatives

Length: 12 hours




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