Launch of the new version of Acomba

The Acomba team is pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of the software, a version that offers you major new features.

Indeed, the new functionalities that have been developed for the Acomba software will transform and simplify certain processes for you and will save you a lot of time in your accounting tasks.

Direct link to the bank

Manual bank reconciliation and downloading bank statements are a thing of the past! You can now connect your Acomba software directly to your financial institution in order to import your bank transactions and reconcile them with those in your software, in just a few clicks.

You no longer need to go to your financial institution website to download your bank statement and import it into your software on your own. The connection to the bank takes care of it for you!

By being connected to your bank, Acomba can read the transactions from a selected bank statement and compare them with those of the account that you have selected in your software. The software will find and identify for you all identical transactions in the two accounts to reconcile them. You can then approve the reconciliation or make modifications if necessary.

The connection to your financial institution and the automatic identification of identical transactions makes the process much faster than manual verification, limits the risk of errors and saves you a great deal of time each time you have to reconcile accounts.

This new functionality is free for active Acomba subscribers.

Acomba GO

The Acomba GO solution continues to evolve and new functionalities (web modules) are still being developed in order to further meet your needs and offer you even more flexibility in managing your business.

If you use Acomba for your main accounting tasks, but would like to allow the members of your team to accomplish certain tasks without their needing access to Acomba, the Acomba GO web modules, which connect to your desktop software, are ideal for you. Invoicing and creating and sending quotations are good examples of this type of task.

Contracts with no expiry date

If you have the Orders and Automatic Billing module, you know that you have the possibility of transforming quotations into contracts, so that your customer is billed automatically at the required frequency. Contracts previously had to be assigned an end date, but you are no longer obligated to set an end date for automatic billing to continue until you decide to deactivate it.

With this new functionality, you can also modify your existing contracts and remove the expiry date.

Renew promotions

If you use the Promotions module, you can now renew your promotions when they expire. You no longer need to create a new one, you can simply activate a terminated promotion.

Now available!

These are the new features offered in the new version of Acomba, which is now available. The software is updated regularly, so watch this space for the announcement of any new features.

If you are an Acomba user and would like to obtain more details on the new functionalities, we invite you to consult the release notes in the SMB Portal.

If you would like to learn more about Acomba, contact our team or consult our website.

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