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Acomba – Keeping good company

Whether you are starting up a business or looking for a high-performing, affordable and upgradable replacement solution, the Acomba modular structure can meet your current and future management needs.

I switched to Acomba
because it gives me more
possibilities than my
old software.

The Acomba team
supports me in my
business project.
I am surrounded by
devoted, professional
and experienced people.

I start up my business
with Acomba.

Current offers

e-commerce startup package

On the purchase of an e-commerce package, get the Acomba Accounting Suite free

New business offer

Benefit from the attractive package reserved for businesses registered for less than 6 months.

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Featured products

Acomba Accounting Suite

For startup businesses and SMBs that are just beginning to use Acomba.

The basic product to which you add functions based on your changing needs.

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Acomba Orders and Inventory

To manage a product inventory, purchasing, receiving, price lists, quotations, and much more.

A set of advanced functions for the most discerning wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers.

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Acomba X Program for professional accountants

For professional accountants who want to manage their own business accounting and simplify the relationships with their clients.

A complete partnership program, including applications and coaching.

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Acomba e-commerce

To start up and manage an online store connected to the Acomba application and the inventory.

A professionally designed transactional website and a series of functions to efficiently manage your online sales.

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Managing your SMB with Acomba is to give yourself the best technological tools and a proven coaching formula

How do we coach SMBs?

Technical support

A call centre unlike any other: Acomba X and accounting hold no secrets for our agents


Online training sessions that favour interaction: attend sessions where you have the opportunity to ask questions.


More than just tips on how our applications work, the Acomba blog provides startup businesses with advice, information on e-commerce issues, and much more.


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