Developers Program

Do you want to develop applications compatible with our solutions?

Teaming up with Acomba is to seize the opportunity to reach a constantly growing pool of SMBs on a national level.

Advertising showcase

By enrolling in the Acomba Developers Program, you benefit from a unique advertising showcase via the Compatible software section of our website.

Development tools

Being a member of our program gives you access to a range of development tools (SDK) for Acomba and/or Avantage.

Specialized support

The Acomba Developers Program offers you all the specialized support that you need to design compatible software programs: support by email, forum and telephone.

Packages and prices



See features
  • SDK access (Acomba)

  • Business logic via Web services (Acomba X).

Add-In Plus


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  • SDK access (Acomba)

  • SDK access (Avantage)

  • Business logic via Web services (Acomba X).



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  • SDK access (Acomba)

  • Visibility on Acomba website

  • Business logic via Web services (Acomba X).

Partner Plus


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  • SDK access (Acomba)

  • SDK access (Avantage)

  • Visibility on Acomba website

  • Visibility on Avantage website

  • Business logic via Web services (Avantage).

  • Business logic via Web services (Acomba X).

All partnership statuses allow you to develop according to ADX, GL Import, CC Import, CF Import or P Import file formats.
The enrolment is effective for a 12-month period and renewable each year on May 1.

Detailed functions





Privileges / Software and licenses
Acomba Version for developers
Acomba X Version for developers
Acomba Accounting Suite Commercial version 15% discount on the purchase of a new license2 15% discount on the purchase of a new license2 25% discount on the purchase of a new license2 25% discount on the purchase of a new license2
External integration license (bridge)
License to call the Web services
Import file format
Acomba SDK
Avantage SDK
Acomba X Web services
Technical support
3 hours of technical support by phone
By phone - 10 hours available Optional $1 100 Optional $1 100 Optional $990 Optional $990
By email - Unlimited
On the developer forum
Description of your solution
Contact information for your business
Link to your website
Description of your solution
Contact information for your business
Link to your website

1. For managing your own business, not for resale. Must be purchased directly from ACCEO Solutions, not from a reseller.
2. Only one contact (e-mail address and user name) per subscription.


What is the first thing to do to create the link between my software and Acomba X?

The first thing to do is to contact customer service to get your identification key. The key is needed to allow compatible software to interact with Acomba X.

To get the key, download the identification key request form and return the duly completed form to [email protected].

Is an application already programmed for Acomba compatible with Acomba X?

An SDK which can use Acomba X web services has been designed to access the Acomba X database. You can therefore change the calls to SDK for Acomba X web services calls, but there is no 1 to 1 correlation in terms of calls.

The Acomba format of the GL Import file is compatible with Acomba X. We plan to make minor changes to it over time. Finally, we offer training to help you adapt your applications to Acomba X.

Do we need to register for the program for software that already exists?

Registration is required if you want your solution to evolve within Acomba or Acomba X. Your solution will continue to work even if you are not registered, but it will no longer be displayed on our website.

Should I register now to adapt my solution to the Payroll module or can I wait for it to be released first?

We strongly recommend that you register now so that you can keep up on possible changes to the GL Import file and to have access to technical support.

Registration gives you the opportunity to actively participate in discussions on the developers forum and to share information with your fellow programmers.

Do I have to renew my subscription to the Acomba developers program every year?

Yes. The renewal is due every year on May 1. A reactivation charge of 25% of the subscription price is applied for each year of non-subscription, regardless of the number of days.

Can compatible software be integrated in the Acomba shell?

Compatible software cannot be integrated in the shell. However, an external application can subscribe to certain events (event aggregator), which gives the user the impression that the software is fully integrated.

You can get the Acomba X theme in order to give the windows of a compatible application the same appearance as those of Acomba X.

Should a developer with several programmers on his team get additional user licenses?

A developer with more than two users (developers) working simultaneously must purchase additional licenses.

For the cost of these licenses, contact customer service at 1 800 862-5922.

How do we get technical support?

Support for the developers subscribed to the program is provided through the forum and by email. If you want telephone technical support, please specify it in your request by email.

SDK Acomba or Acomba X SOAP support: [email protected]

ODBC for Acomba support: [email protected]

Where can I find literature?

Literature for Acomba and Acomba X is available on the forum. A subscription is required to access the forum.

Is the ADX import/export tool included in both program statuses?


Can we continue selling ODBC?

You can sell ODBC with Acomba. However, when you migrate to Acomba X, the bridges and reports will have to be made again using the new tools available.

Are we continuing to sell the Data Importer?

We continue to sell the Data Importer for Acomba.

For Acomba X, two data importers are available. The first data importer for Acomba X is free, but can only be used to import data when creating a company. The second data importer for Acomba X is used to update data or import new data into an existing company. However, this second data importer is not free. To learn more, contact us.

If I don’t code in C#.NET, can my software still interact with Acomba X?

Yes. To interact in real time with Acomba X, you must use the REST service for Acomba X. The REST service can be used in different programming languages (such as Delphi or in PHP).