Dozens of specialized modules which adapt to your service offer

Regardless of the nature of the services that you offer, in the Acomba ecosystem you will find customized tools to help you accomplish your tasks with greater transparency, accuracy and speed.

  • Manage suppliers

  • Manage receipts

  • Bank reconciliations

  • GST-QST reports

  • Monthly or quarterly financial results

  • Outsourcing payroll

An infinitely flexible formula that puts YOU in control.

You have your way of doing things. You know better than anyone how to meet the demands of your clientele. Our tools adapt to your preferences!


Desktop software

Typical use: Your clients send you their documents. You enter the information manually in the software.

Ideal if:

  • Your clients prefer to bring you a shoe box full of invoices each month.
  • You want to centralize the management of all your business, in a single application.
  • You prefer the reliability of a desktop application that has proven its worth.

Acomba + Acomba GO

Hybrid application

Typical use: Your clients enter their transactions in the online application and the information is sent directly to your desktop application. If you like, you can also access your clients’ online platform, at no additional cost. This option is ideal in almost all circumstances.

It's truly the best of both worlds:

  • You save a huge amount of time by no longer manually entering transactions.
  • Your clients benefit from an easy and low-cost interface which lets them feel in control and follow their operations without waiting for the end of the month.
  • You maintain the possibility of centralized business management and you can benefit from all advanced functionalities of the desktop software.

You want to learn more about the possibilities? Our team is their to advise you!

Which option is most suitable for your practice?

Desktop Software

Acomba software installed locally in your office

(Your clients send their accounting documents and you enter the data manually)

  • For you

    Starting from


  • For your customers

    No charge


    per business

The best of both worlds

Hybrid Application

Acomba software installed locally in your office

Acomba GO online application in your clients' workplace

(Your clients enter their transactions in the web application. Automated synchronization. between your Acomba and your clients' Acomba GO)

  • For you

    Starting from


    + $249 setup fee

  • For your customers

    Starting from


    per business

You want to go beyond the basic packages?
Consult the complete list of complementary features!

Benefit from complete support for you and your clients

An active subscription allows you to benefit from top-quality support and privileges reserved for the members of our community.

  • Technical support

    You benefit from unlimited access to our team of qualified technicians who are there to answer your questions and guide you.

    Your clients subscribed to Acomba GO also have access to all the help they need to use the application.

  • Updates

    You are assured of respecting legislative and tax changes thanks to regular software updates. You also benefit from the improvements made to your solution.

  • Training

    Learn to master your work tool with a catalogue of training sessions accessible 24/7.

Let’s work together.

Our advisors are there for you. Let them show you our solutions specifically tailored to make life easier for you and your clients!