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Acomba for students

To master Acomba is to appropriate the management tool used by tens of thousands of Canadian SMBs.

We offer learning tools to students and job seekers who want to work with the software.
Take advantage of it for free!

Used in over 40 000 SMBs (and potential employers)
Taught in more than 120 educational
institutions in

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Download the software

Acquiring and downloading Acomba Student version is done entirely online. Please note that a Windows emulator is required in order to install Acomba on a Mac.

Do you have the required configuration?

Are you a professor and you would like to teach Acomba?
Discover the Acomba Education Program here.

Start on the right foot with our introductory training

By obtaining the Student version, you will have free access to the Acomba Environment introductory training. This training will help you get a quick start and understand the basic concepts of the software.

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