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Acomba GO

Why choose Acomba GO?

Choose Acomba GO

To benefit from a mobile and flexible solution

Being a completely web-based platform, Acomba GO puts you in control. You access it when you need, whether at the office, with your customers or on the road, on your computer or your tablet.

To create software fully customized to your needs

With Acomba GO, you choose the management tools that meet the specific needs of your business.

Use the software's modularity to create a customized management solution by choosing only the functionalities that you need. Whether you use it for your accounting, to manage your opportunities or create quotations, Acomba GO offers you tools for optimum business management.

To have full control of your work tool

Acomba GO offers a flexible, self-serve formula that allows you to access different resources whenever you like. Whether it is for a technical question or to follow a training session, you are in control.

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