About Acomba

A must have in Quebec’s SMB universe, Acomba is inseparable from its community of users, all of whom contribute in their own way to the province's entrepreneurial dynamism:

Entrepreneurs who have the confidence to fully commit to their project in order to create jobs and favour innovation.

Education specialists who are preparing the next generation of managers.

Professional accountants who offer businesses advice and support.


Small and medium-sized


Accounting firms



More than just simple accounting software for SMBs, Acomba is a vast management ecosystem that allows each user to build a customized solution perfectly adapted to their needs.

Your Acomba solution, the beginning of a partnership

For you, it's a step towards completing a project that is important to you.

For our team, it's an opportunity to contribute to the success of a local business.

For you and us, it's the opportunity to proudly realize what we do best.

Keeping good company, at the heart of our mission for over 30 years.


The company is founded under the name Fortune 1000 Accounting Systems. One of the goals: To democratize computerized management tools.

Les systèmes comptables Fortune 1000


The Acomba name is officially adopted for our flagship software (A French acronym using the words Affaires, COMptables and BAncaire).

Fortune 1000 Acomba


Fortune 1000 adopts the name Fortsum Business Solutions.



Fortsum Business Solutions is acquired by GFI Solutions.



GFI Solutions becomes ACCEO.




Backed by more than 35 years of experience in the industry, the Acomba team is proud to be firmly implanted in local businesses.

More than a slogan, Keeping good company expresses in a few words the fundamental values that have governed our team since the beginning.

Keeping good company is...

Establishing long-term relationships with our customers by offering quality support throughout their project.

Understanding the reality of today's businesses in order to provide current solutions that meet concrete needs.

Let's work together.