Acomba GO

How much does Acomba GO cost?

  • Accounting


    Manage all of your business’s accounting operations in real time with the web-based general ledger, which remains current with industry standards.

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  • Sales and Opportunities

    $10.00/month Required: Customers and Invoicing

    Centralize the management of follow-ups to perform, organize your visits and sales activities and simplify your communications with your customers and potential customers.

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  • Customers and Invoicing


    Optimize the management of your customer accounts using customizable files and accelerate your billing process with mobile billing.

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  • Suppliers

    $10.00/month Required: Accounting

    Simplify the management of your accounts payable by creating detailed files and by following the history of your orders and transactions.

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  • Dashboards

    $5.00/month Required: Customers and Invoicing

    Optimize the management of your data and make informed business decisions by having access to your sales results and your financial data at all times.

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  • Quotations and Orders

    $15.00/month Required: Customers and Invoicing

    Create quotations and take customer orders, both at the office or on the road and follow-up on your quotations and orders sent.

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Suppliers $10/month (First user included) Applicable discount - $7.50/month

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