Launching of the new version of

An update for has been deployed following the development of brand new functionalities which not only optimize the experience of users on the platform, but also the management of their business in general and communication within their teams.

This version of contains two major new features: new communication options between managers and their employees and the creation of new accesses for administrators who manage more than one company.

New communication options for the employer portal

Email customization

It is now possible for the platform administrator (or payroll manager) to customize emails meant for employees. Email templates can be created and customized using the merge fields and can be used for various occasions, such as recurring messages, birthdays and service anniversaries, sending pay slips or tax slips, etc.

Creating templates is easy and allows for customized and more efficient communication with the members of a team.

Automation of birthday and service anniversary emails

In addition to customizing emails, they can now be automated!

The sending of birthday or service anniversary emails created with the Customize emails function can be automated in the platform and prevents omissions.

New company access management roles

Two new types of access have been developed to simplify the work of accountants who process the payrolls of more than one company with the platform or that of parent companies or owners of multiple businesses who want to delegate a few communication tasks.

Operator access

The administrator (or payroll manager) who manages several companies can now define an Operator for these companies, so that the Operator can access most of the administrator functions in The only functionality that an Operator cannot access is the Manage access to companies functionality which is used to create and manage the various accesses to the platform.

For example, the head of an accounting firm could entrust Operator access to one or more of the firm’s accounting technicians so that they can take care of producing and distributing pay slips for the firm’s different clients (different companies).

A parent company could also define an Operator in each of its branches so that they manage their payrolls and their communications independently.

Manager access

The administrator (or payroll manager) who manages several companies can now define a Manager per company so that this employee has access to certain administrator functions in The functions to which the Manager has access are mainly the communications and document sharing functionalities, simply not those for distributing pay slips or tax slips.

For example, an accounting firm could provide Manager access to a manager or an employee of its client companies so that these companies benefit from the advantages of the web portal. Without having access to the functionalities that concern payroll, the Manager will be able to share important news, documents or links, as well as create and send customized emails.

A parent company that processes the payroll for all of its branches could also define a Manager in each of its branches so that they can benefit from the communication functionalities as they like.

Now available!

These are the new features offered in the new version of, which is now available. The platform is updated regularly, so watch this space for the announcement of any new features.

If you are a user and would like to obtain more details on the new functionalities, refer to the complete document directly in the platform, in the Profile tab of the employer portal.

If you would like to learn more about, contact our team or consult our website.

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