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e-commerce in Quebec: Why you should sell online in 2019

The numbers don’t lie: online shopping is becoming increasingly popular among Quebeckers. More and more merchants are adapting to this trend because they want to join those who are benefiting from the many advantages of an online presence.

As a merchant, online sales open you up to new clients via a new distribution channel, a market without borders. You increase your sales potential since your business is open 24/7.

Still not convinced? Refer to the infographics below and discover why more Quebec merchants should get into online sales!

Infographic containing statistics on e-commerce in Quebec.

Why is it now essential for Quebec merchants to sell online?

The figures prove it: the world of e-commerce is much more inclusive than it was ten years ago. The technology is more accessible and the target markets for online sales are more diversified than ever.

The same applies to product categories. Today, everything can be purchased online: clothes, books, concert tickets and even groceries. If you think that your product is not suitable for online sales, we suggest that you do some research on the web. You could be pleasantly surprised!

Getting prepared for 2019

It will be indispensable for merchants to have an online presence in 2019 since many consumers use the information that they find on the web in their decision-making process.

Eight out of ten web surfers research a product or company online before buying in a store and almost six out of ten will make the online purchase directly. For these consumers to become potential customers, you must succeed in standing out on the web.

Ready to launch your online store?

To stand out, you will need an online store that reflects your image, along with an inventory management system and efficient accounting which will allow you to focus on sales.

Our e-commerce experts are available to talk about your project and bring your ideas to life. We have all the tools to help you start the online sales process and even special packages for complete solutions that will cover your needs from A to Z.

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