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Launch and manage an online store connected to the Acomba general ledger and inventory.

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Key features

Sales to the general public or B2B

Reduce your exchanges by telephone, email and fax with a public or private e-commerce platform, accessible 24/7.

Integrated accounting management

Avoid dual entries and numerous management concerns with an online store linked directly to the Acomba accounting system and its inventory.

Easy to use product catalog

Create products and categories, enhance them with multimedia content and make them available in several languages, as needed.

Guaranteed visibility on the web

Benefit from integrated SEO functions and see how your products naturally secure a position in search results (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

Optimal customer experience

Launch a professional quality website where purchases can be made from all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones).

Taxes, delivery and secure payments

Let Acomba e-commerce manage these complex processes automatically while making your visitors feel safe.

An online store reflecting your image.

Make it yours by adding your logo and choosing the color scheme that matches your company's image.

The integrated responsive design feature ensures that visitors see your website at its best using any device.

Facilitate the promotion of your products with the most popular visibility and sharing tools.

Functions and packages

e-commerce for Acomba

$3 999

Creation and configuration of your online store (16 h of customized implementation)

Monthly package
Includes access to functions, hosting, unlimited technical support and updates.
Starting from

*The monthly instalments determined according to the sales made on your e-commerce website over a period of 12 consecutive months. The monthly fees of $149 are valid until you reach a sales volume of $50,000 over a period of 12 consecutive months.

Detailed functionalities

Responsive web design
Content manager (CMS)
Multilingual display
Search engine optimization tools
Monitor traffic and visitor behaviour (with Google Analytics)
Secure file-sharing platform
Catalog and products
Enhanced product files (photos, videos, suggestions for complementary products, Facebook share buttons etc.)
Search and filter by price, brand, colour, size, etc.
Display prices in foreign currencies
User-specific catalogs and offers
Product reviews by customers
Sale of customizable products
Sale of digital products (to download)
Orders and payments
Online orders
Online batch orders (copy of an Excel file or CSV file)
Credit card payments
Deferred payments (invoice charged to the customer account in Acomba)
Application of fixed delivery fees
Automatic calculation of delivery fees by product
Sales and marketing
Store locator
Save carts and lists of your customers preferences
Create and send promotional emails
Manage promotional codes
Manage gift cards (sale and payment)
Integration with Acomba
Automated transfer of products and descriptions to your site
Real time synchronization of inventory (physical point of sale and online store)
Bi-directional synchronization of orders and customer accounts

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