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Business intelligence for SMBs

Calculate performance indicators and maximize your results.

  • A BI tool that integrates with your Acomba applications and is easy to implement
  • Develop custom analyses and performance indicators
  • Flexible tool that allows you to select the data to be displayed
  • New concept allowing you to view the results of your analysis as you go
  • Sales and purchase comparison by calendar or fiscal year, including quarters
  • Drill-down function using multi-level dimensions
  • You select the data to display based on your operational needs
  • Summary or detailed data comparison

Detailed features

  • Get general invoicing information to gauge customer activity
  • Analyze purchase habits using invoicing lines
  • Analyze sales by product and discover which is the most profitable
  • Analyze dealer sales and discover which one is the highest seller
  • Examine customer transactions and measure accounting postings
  • Analyze customer traffic as a function of the number of transactions
  • Analyze business development as a function of the number of active customers by period, territory, etc.
  • Measure purchase activity by supplier, quantities on order and total purchases
  • Analyze accounts payable transactions (other costs, credits, invoices, interest) to measure accounting postings
  • Get information on inventory: product descriptions, quantities to purchase, quantities available, information on product status, etc.
  • Measure and track inventory fluctuations while analyzing changes by purchase, adjustment and sales
  • Get inventory value as of a specific date
  • Get information on your regular purchases from your suppliers
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Business intelligence for SMBs


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Technical information

Available in cloud mode



Required modules

Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable or Inventory