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Customization and Security

Control Data Integrity and Access to Acomba!

Customization and Security gives you complete control over who can access Acomba, perform specific operations or produce reports, or consult data. It also features commands that let you customize your work environment. Using Customization and Security, you can protect your business integrity.

Complete Control over user's Commands and Data

Define each system user's access rights to commands or data. When a user is not authorized to perform a task or run a command, it simply won't be displayed in menus.

Standardized User Privileges

Create groups of users who share similar privileges; grant a new user the same privileges that belong to an existing user.

Customized Interface According to User Needs and Privileges

Create a customized work environment. When a user logs onto Acomba, commands he/she is not unauthorized to use are removed from the software, his or her personalized toolbars are displayed, and the program's appearance is adapted to his or her user-specified settings.

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Customization and Security


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