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Data Importer

Eliminate double data entry and save time by importing data from another accounting system.

What is Data Importer?

Data Importer is a tool used to import customer, supplier, employee and product files from other accounting systems* into Acomba

Who is Data Importer for?

This tool is designed for users who want to save time by importing data from their former accounting system into Acomba.

Why use Data Importer?

Using the Data Importer complement, you can easily transfer accounting information to your Acomba management system. You can also quickly and easily share customer lists between your stores, transfer inventory lists and import new price lists effortlessly.

Using this customized import tool will eliminate double data entry and save time.

* Data import using .DBF, .XLS, .CSV, .TXT and .PRN formats.

Detailed features

  • Creating import formats
  • Creating and importing price lists
  • Batch processing import according to your parameters
  • Possibility of modifying batch processing
  • Processing according to your selection criteria or the complete data file
  • Data adjustment according to your specifications
  • Import data selection
  • Customer, supplier, employee or product list sharing

Data Importer


Technical information

Available in cloud mode