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Deposit Slip

Don’t waste any more time manually compiling and completing your deposit slips.

What is deposit slip?

Deposit slip is a tool that allows you to produce and print complete deposit slips from transactions that you have entered in Acomba X.

Who is Deposit Slip for?

This module is for all users of the Acomba X Accounts Receivable module who want to automate the production of their deposit slips.

Why use Deposit Slip?

With Deposit Slip, you create documents that are much easier to read and which are archived in such a way that they are easy to find if needed.

The application also allows users to save a lot of time by eliminating:

  • The manual posting of items to deposit.
  • The entry of customer names, invoice numbers and amounts deposited, cheque by cheque.
  • Calculation and entry errors due to manual data entry.

How does it work?

1) Select the financial institution in which to make the deposit.

New slip

2) Check the payments to deposit.

Deposit slip

Deposit Slip also takes care of cash deposits.


3) Print the deposit slip.

Deposit Slip


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Technical information

Available in cloud mode


Acomba X
(Also available in Acomba, but the functionalities may vary.)

Required modules

Accounts Receivable


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