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Employee Advances

Manage Acomba pay advances and avoid errors and oversights.

What is Employee Advances?

Employee Advances is used to simply manage your employee advances made with the Acomba Payroll application.

For Whom?

Employee Advances is for companies who offer pay advances to their employees.

Why Use Employee Advances?

To simply create any advance type (earnings, expense account, etc.) and facilitate the tracking of amounts reimbursed by employees.

How Does it Work?

When an employee requests a pay advance, you simply enter the advance amount, whether it is for earnings or expense accounts. An advance deduction wizard and the employee’s advance log are available to help you manage advances, better track the amounts reimbursed and avoid oversights.

The Employee Advance complement is integrated into your General Ledger application, thus saving you from having to enter the same data multiple times.

Employee Advances


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