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Label Generator

Create customized labels for your products, customers, suppliers, employees or addresses.

What is Label Generator?

Label Generator is used to simply create directly from Acomba customized labels in any format. You can insert your company name, product descriptions or logo: you can choose the elements that meet your needs.

Who is Label Generator for?

The Label Generator complement is for companies desiring to create their own labels without using only Acomba.

Why Use Label Generator?

To have customer, product, supplier, address or employee labels that perfectly meet your company’s needs.

How Does it Work?

First you choose the label’s dimensions. Next, you select the elements to include on your labels: image, number and product name, text (short product description for example), frame, barcode, date, etc.

Next, choose the layout and orientation of the elements. You can insert your company logo or images. You can preview your labels at any time and print them using Acomba.

Label Generator


Technical information

Available in cloud mode



Required modules

Accounts Receivable and/or Inventory