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Get liquidity figures in a snap.

What is Liquidity?

Liquidity works with Acomba to provide liquidity figures as of a future date.

You can account for all post-dated transactions not yet transferred such as payrolls, rent, cheques in circulation and deposits.

Who is Liquidity for?

The Liquidity complement is designed for all company managers who want to save time by simplifying their bank account liquidity management.

Why use Liquidity?

Your accounting transactions are already entered; why not take advantage of them? With Liquidity, you can quickly produce a report showing the balance in the General Ledger for a future date. You eliminate the risk of errors when calculating liquidity figures since the program takes into account the data entered in the Acomba system.

Do not rely solely on your experience to approximate future liquidity figures. Instead use the real data in your Acomba system.

How does it work?

Liquidity works in real time with data from Acomba, regardless of whether or not they have been transferred to the General Ledger. You get a precise liquidity report for all pertinent bank accounts for each query you run.

You only have to select the bank accounts for which you wish to calculate liquidity for a certain date. The report will be produced accounting for transactions from the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll. All transaction included in the calculation are available for consultation.



Technical information

Available in cloud mode



Required modules

Accounts Receivable and/or Accounts Payable and/or Payroll