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Point of Sale

Streamline your counter sales and inventory management.

When you use Acomba's Point of Sale solution for your retail business, you know you are using an effective and high-performance tool which allows you to carry out your billing and sale transactions instantly at the counter, regardless of whether you use the keyboard, mouse, or touch-screen.

With this proven solution, you can:

  • Control pricing more effectively and eliminate errors
  • Simplify inventory management and drastically cut associated costs
  • Substantially reduce the time you spend on accounting tasks

Acomba's Point of Sale solution works all the way from the front counter to the back office, and from the sales rep's car to the furthest-flung retail outlet. Point of Sale gives you a simple, quick, secure, and adaptable management tool which comes with specialized technical support available seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Detailed features

  • Fast billing at the counter
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Management of peripheral equipment (optical scanner, client display screen, cash drawer, microprinter, printer, and touch-screen)
  • Inventory management (products, departments, multi-store)
  • Discount and component management
  • Automatic calculation of taxes at time of billing
  • Cash-out and paid-out management
  • Management of layaways, customer deposits
  • Management of customer orders, supplier orders, back orders
  • Analysis of sales and inventory
  • Invoice archiving and search
  • Daily reports (X,Z)
  • Analysis of daily sales
  • Most-sold products
  • Sales by time slot
  • Product list
  • Inventory value
  • Detailed individual statements for accounts receivable
  • Credit file for each client
  • Individual customer transaction history
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Point of Sale


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