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Production Manager

Production Manager is a tool for planning your raw material needs, managing component sets and manufacturing costs.

Acomba Production Manager helps production businesses better plan for their raw material needs. From products entered in Acomba Inventory, the user can easily build production recipes and assess production costs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Manage production sets directly in Acomba and avoid double data entry
  • Accurately calculate production costs and profit margins by product manufactured or sold
  • Closely monitor production runs and constantly maintain optimal inventory levels


  • Evaluation of raw materials needed to manufacture the products
  • Calculate production costs
  • No double entry

Detailed features

  • In stock
  • Purchased
  • On order
  • In production
  • On reserve for other productions
  • Component set management
  • Multi-level component sets
  • Component set printing (cost, quantities, etc.)
  • Production run identification
  • Partial production (with real-time inventory adjustment)
  • Calculation of production quantities based on stock level
  • View quantities produced, quantities used and costs prices
  • Production monitoring
  • Production cost reports
  • Tracing reports identifying the production run of individual items
  • Operation with segmentation and product numbers
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Production Manager


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Technical information

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Required modules

Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable et Order Management


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