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Efficiently advertise promotions and manage price changes in advance.

What is Promotion?

Promotion helps you plan price changes for products and services. You specify the beginning and end of the promotional period and the price adjustments are made automatically in Acomba on the dates indicated.

Who is Promotion for?

Promotion is designed for goods and services businesses that wish to simplify the management and planning of promotions and price changes.

Why use Promotion?

Promotion saves you time by letting you prepare price changes in advance. Temporary and permanent price changes can be entered without the pressure of their imminent application. You therefore work efficiently and have more time to concentrate your efforts on sales. In addition, you minimize the risk of entry errors and avoid oversights at the end of the promotion.

Promotion is also equipped with an efficient profit margin verification tool. If the promotional price falls below cost, the program will display a notice so you can remedy the situation.

Promotion automates the decision-making tasks associated with making price changes. In addition, you have full control to extend any promotion at any time.



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