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Report Generator for Excel

With the Excel Report Generator, users can create customized financial statements with information entered in Acomba X.

What is the Excel Report Generator?

This module uses Excel to create customized financial statements with data drawn from Acomba X. Synchronization between Excel and Acomba X eliminates double data entry and allows you to produce up-to-date financial statements at all times.

Who is Excel Report Generator for?

Excel Report Generator is for Acomba X users who are comfortable with Microsoft Excel and who want to use Excel to create customizable, flexible and systematically up-to-date financial statements.

Why use this module?

The Excel Report Generator is used to benefit from the flexibility of Excel when creating annual, quarterly and monthly comparative reports by product, department or project. By importing Acomba X data in Excel, charts can also be created to enhance reports or to maintain a dashboard. The possibilities are practically endless.

Detailed features

  • Addition of a menu in Acomba X for data export
  • Interaction in real time between Excel reports and the Acomba X accounting database
  • Access to companies, periodic balances, accounting items, account numbers, account names, balances, budgets and several other details
  • Compliance with user security parameters when creating the Excel file
  • Possibility of filtering by activity in formulas
  • Supports 32 and 64-bit versions of Excel
  • Possibility of converting an Excel file produced in a previous version of Acomba
  • Organize the list of existing financial statements by folder
  • Select ranges of accounts based on different criteria
  • Produce comparative or consolidated analysis reports for an unlimited number of companies and fiscal years
  • Manage an unlimited number of budgets
  • Possibility of making activities budgets over several years
  • Statistics functions
  • Insert charts
  • Easy and flexible formatting
  • Automatic calculations
  • Dynamic pivot tables
  • Print reports
  • Customized formulas
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Report Generator for EXCEL


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Technical information

Available in cloud mode


Acomba X
Also offered with Acomba (certain functions may be different).

Required modules

General Ledger

Required softwares

Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher*

*not compatible with Office 365


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