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T4A RL-2 Management

Quickly create and file your government slips.

Fully integrated into the Payroll module's government-slip production tool, this companion to the module is easy to use.

Users already familiar with Payroll need no additional instruction to be able to work with T4A/RL-2 Management, which lets you create, print, and electronically file the mandatory T4A and RL-2 government slips.


  • Entry and storage of external employee contact details for subsequent years
  • Entry of amounts to be printed on the various slips
  • Printing and electronic filing of T4A and T4A Summary
  • Printing and electronic filing of RL-2 and RL-2 Summary
  • Creation of T4 and RL-1 slips for external employees

Avoid Penalties by Using T4A/RL-2 Management

Employers producing more than 50 slips of a single kind are required by the government to file these source deduction statements electronically.

T4A RL-2 Management


Technical information

Available in cloud mode

Internet connection required



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