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Acomba Professional Services Suite

Discount of up to 20% on the first 12 monthly instalments

Easily keep track of the hours
worked for each mandate

  • Compile the hours worked and material used for each file.
  • Structure your files by client, mandate and sub-mandate.
  • Assign each client, mandate and sub-mandate, resource persons, notes, specific prices, etc.
  • Easily access the complete history of your mandates.

Make the most of your time

  • Accelerate the invoicing cycle by rapidly producing precise, well-documented invoices.
  • Avoid lost fees on hours not recorded or work not invoiced.
  • Easily follow invoiced amounts compared to expenses incurred.
  • Use the billing method that suits your needs: fixed price, progress or cost plus.

Closely follow your mandate budgets

  • Define a budget (time and material) for each mandate.
  • Revise the budgets of ongoing mandates (actual costs versus budgeted costs) in order to take corrective measures, if necessary.
  • Use an array of specialized reports to rapidly make well-informed decisions.

Simplify your accounting management and the payroll process

  • Compile works in progress and automatically transfer the entries to the general ledger.
  • Easily produce compliant payrolls by automatically sending the hours worked to the payroll module

No headaches: Benefit from
complete support right
from the start

  • Software installation and configuration by a specialized advisor
  • Unlimited telephone technical support.
  • Unlimited tax, legal and technological updates

Have your needs evaluated by an expert. There’s no commitment.

Discount of up to 20%on the first 12
monthly instalments

Subscribe before March 31, 2018 and benefit from reduced monthly instalments for the first year.

Promotion in effect from January 8, 2018 to March 31, 2018. The promotional price applies to the first 12 monthly instalments only. Startup fees to install and configure the software apply upon subscription. This offer is reserved for new customers and cannot be combined with any other discount.

Technical information

Platform Acomba (desktop or online application)
Other Acomba applications required None
Minimum configuration See the details

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