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Acomba Professional Services Suite

Acomba Professional Services Suite

Acomba Professional Services Suite is an application used to manage time and works in progress (W.I.P.), invoicing and accounting.

Who is Acomba Professional Services Suite for?

This software is primarily meant for professionals who manage time sheets by mandate.

Why use Acomba Professional Services Suite?

With Acomba Professional Services Suite, you can closely follow the progress of mandates to measure their profitability. This solution lets you control the costs incurred and expected income, and reduce lost fees on hours not recorded or work not invoiced. The application also supports all activities posted by client file or by mandate for partial or total invoicing of mandates.

The offer includes on-site installation and configuration by a qualified advisor, telephone technical support and updates.

Detailed features

  • Manage the general ledger
  • Manage accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Produce financial reports and accounting analysis reports
  • Compile the time worked per mandate
  • Manage non-billable time
  • Detail the labour used per contract
  • Compare budgets with invoiced and non-invoiced W.I.P.s
  • Keep track of costs as the work progresses and compare with the budget
  • Use budgets already defined for other mandates
  • Analyze works in progress
  • Keep track of amounts that should be invoiced
  • View the sources of profits and losses at the end of a mandate
  • Compare time worked versus time invoiced
  • Invoice projects
  • Manage write-offs
  • Associate memos with works in progress in rich text format (RTF) for printing on invoices
  • Manage human resources to coach employees
  • Manage payrolls according to recognized standards
  • Produce government forms

Acomba Professional Services Suite

Prices vary according to the selected offer. Contact an advisor to learn more.

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