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Education Program

Teach and learn to use Acomba software applications

The Acomba education program provides instructors, students and job seekers with the resources needed to facilitate learning of Acomba software applications.

To master Acomba is to acquire the management tool used by over 40,000 Canadian SMBs.

Resources to discover the applications and keep informed

Free webinars

Each week we hold several free webinars. It's an ideal platform to explore Acomba management solutions and to ask open questions to Acomba experts.

Acomba Blog

The Acomba blog is full of relevant information for anyone who wants to perfect their knowledge of Acomba. We talk about accounting management, tips for using software applications, e-commerce and much more.

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Social media

It's easy to stay in contact with our team and keep up on everything that's going on in the Acomba ecosystem: follow us on the social media!

Tools for students who want to practice

If you follow a training program in which Acomba is taught, you can perfect your knowledge by acquiring a student version.


(standard version)

  • Used in more than 40,000 SMBs.
  • Taught in over 120 educational institutions in Quebec.

Acomba X

  • The new generation of Acomba software applications.
  • Already adopted by thousands of SMBs.
  • Taught in certain educational institutions starting in 2017.

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Get both versions for just


Buy online

Buying and downloading Acomba X is done entirely online. Your standard version of Acomba will be sent to your home within 7 to 10 business days (at no additional cost).

Do you have the required configuration?

A complete support program for instructors

Do you teach accounting, administration, office automation or business management?

Offer your students the opportunity to become familiar with the most widely used management software in Quebec.

The Acomba education program in brief

  • The complete suite of Acomba modules
  • The complete suite of Acomba X modules (as soon as they are available)
  • A license to install Acomba in your laboratories
  • Regular updates
  • Unlimited phone technical support
  • Free web training sessions

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Training for instructors

If your educational institution is subscribed to the Acomba education program, you are eligible for free web training sessions.

Acomba X upgrading: To accelerate your leaning of the new generation of Acomba software applications, you have free access to upgrading training sessions.

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Acomba X: la nouvelle génération des logiciels Acomba


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