Enter addresses for your customers, suppliers or employees in just a few seconds using data from Canada Post.

What is RapidAddress?

RapidAddress is an automatic address entry service. When creating a file, simply enter the postal code of your customer, supplier or employee and a list of complete address information is displayed from the integrated Canada Post database. Simply select the address in question and it's done!

Then you can quickly set the course to reach your customer’s or supplier’s office from your place of business just by clicking the RapidAddress Locator icon located beside the RapidAddress icon.

Who is RapidAddress for?

The RapidAddress service is designed for Accounts Receivable, Point of Sale and Accounts Payable application users who want to save time and need anytime access to correct address information.

Why use RapidAddress?

The unparalleled speed and precision of the automatic address entry system means you spend less time creating files. Imagine… just a few clicks and your customer’s complete address is on the screen. In addition, the locator service saves you time delivering products.

Your employees will appreciate this tool as it speeds up cash register operations. Thus, they will have more time to dedicate to sales and service producing higher yields for your company. And what about your company’s image? Your customers will greatly appreciate your professionalism and will surely be impressed by the quality of your service.

The RapidAddress service will also facilitate your management and administration tasks. No more correcting erroneous information or working with incomplete files. All your mailings (invoices, mass mailings, products, etc.) will be correctly addressed.

Finally, by opting for the RapidAddress service, you get the best tool for dealing with changes. As an address list never stays current for very long (municipal mergers, moves, etc.), all service subscribers will receive two Canada Post database updates per year. Monthly updates will be available via Internet.

Less returned mail, more efficient mass mailings, better customer service, more satisfied customers: the RapidAddress service is more than just savings, it is a small investment with great results.

Detailed features

Synchronization with Canada Post
Automatically enter addresses using a postal code.
Correct mailing addresses with official data from Canada Post.
Benefit from standardized mailing addresses in the application.
Simpler operation
Rapidly create customer and supplier files.
Plan your travel routes with the Google Maps location and directions service.
Simplify mailings (invoices, mass mailings, products, etc.).
Included updates
Get two updates per year for the Canada Post database.
Obtain monthly updates via Internet.



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Technical details

Available in cloud mode

Internet connection required


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