Payroll solution

The payroll process simplified, for the employer and the employee.

Regardless of the activity sector, the number of employees and the accounting software used, the Acomba payroll software will meet the needs of your business.

Price and packages

Discover the ideal payroll solution for retailers, restaurant owners, construction entrepreneurs and other SMB managers.

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Everything to manage salaries and employee files

Calculate federal and provincial income taxes

Union dues, CNESST contributions, employment insurance, RRQ, CPP, support payments, RRSP, etc.

Manage overtime, training time, sick days, seniority, accumulated hours, mileage.

Manage the specifics of your activity sector and your employees

Manage customized schedules, specific conditions and commission earnings. Adjust the CCQ rates of the various trades for construction employees.

Deposit salaries directly

Customize pay frequencies and configure direct deposits in your employees' bank accounts in a few clicks. You prefer cheques? Print them easily without having to enter the information manually.

Provide instant access to your employee's pay slips

Combined with your payroll software, the module can be used to send payslips to your employees electronically.

This streamlined and secure web portal gives your employees access to their payroll history and other administrative documents that you want to share with them (employee address books, expense account or insurance claim forms, etc.).

Easily produce mandatorygovernment forms

Print and send RL-1 and T4 slips electronically without double entry.

Do you hire external resources? Add the module that allows you to generate RL-2 and T4A slips.

Benefit from the advantages of a completely independent application

No other Acomba module is required to produce your payrolls. Acomba Payroll can be used in conjunction with your current management tools.

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Your Acomba software

Multicompany license


Calculate and produce payrolls for an unlimited number of employees


Produce and send T4 and RL-1 year-end tax forms


Integrated direct deposit


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Add services or options of your choice module

  • Slips sent by email
  • Secure web portal accessible from all devices

CCQ Rates module

  • Up-to-date CCQ rates at all times
  • Automatic calculation of salaries, deductions and contributions specific to construction


T4A/RL-2 module

  • Produce government year-end tax forms
  • Print forms or send them electronically



Acomba payroll solution