ACCEO Transphere

Pay all your suppliers in a few clicks.

Easy for you AND your suppliers
Once your suppliers have created their ACCEO Transphere account, they manage their own personal and banking information.

Eliminate payments by cheque
Pay your suppliers via fund transfer in complete security and eliminate the time wasted managing cheques.

Approve payments from anywhere
Take advantage of the ACCEO Transphere secure web portal to approve payments before they are made.

Simplify the management of receipts

Reduce the time between issuing, sending and receiving the payment for an invoice.
ACCEO Transphere automatically sends an email to your clients informing them that an invoice is available for consultation on the web portal.

Allow your customers to pay you quickly and easily.
By connecting to the ACCEO Transphere secure web portal, your customers can view their invoices online and pay you by credit card or by bank transfer, with no intervention on your part.

Benefit from a direct link with your accounting software
When an amount is received, the corresponding accounting entries are automatically created in Acomba.

Frequently asked questions

My customers would like to pay their invoices via ACCEO Transphere. What do I have to configure in my accounting software for my customers to access their invoices online?
Simply select “ACCEO Transhpere” in the customer file and enter their email address. Our advisor will explain this very easy step to you when ACCEO Transphere is being installed.
Are my customers obligated to use the same accounting software as my business?
No. Invoices are generated in your management solution and are automatically transferred on the platform. A notice is sent to your customers inviting them to view their invoice. Payments are made via the ACCEO Transphere web platform.
My customers pay me when they receive their account statement. Can I still receive my payments via ACCEO Transphere?
Yes. The account statement sent by email from your accounting software will be used to inform your customers that they have invoices to pay. Upon receiving an invoice, all your customer has to do is click the payment link for one of the invoices that you sent by email. The customer accesses the ACCEO Transphere platform and can pay all current invoices simultaneously, while making sure that the total amount balances with your account statement.
I already use the services of another supplier (acquirer) to process credit card payments. Can I continue to do business with this institution if I use ACCEO Transphere?
Yes, ACCEO Transphere is connected to the majority of current acquirers.
I want to pay my suppliers by ACCEO Transphere. How do I go about it?
Simply invite your suppliers to create an ACCEO Transphere account. A fully automated process manages the sending and follow-up of sent emails. When a supplier account is created and validated by the ACCEO Transphere team, you receive a notice and the supplier file is automatically updated.
Does it cost anything for my supplier?
No, creating their account is free and there are no fees for receiving their payments.
We have two signatories for our cheques. How will payments be authorized in ACCEO Transphere?
Management of roles is used to specify who prepares the payments and who submits them. Users can also determine the number of approvals required before a payment can be sent.
I would like to subscribe to ACCEO Transphere. How do I go about it?
Call us at 1 800 862‑5922 to discuss the package that suits your business. An advisor will then send you a subscription contract.