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Acomba Construction Suite

The only software recommended by the

Efficiently manage your operations and finances, including the specific needs of your industry sector

  • Accounting and financial statements
  • Tax reports
  • Customer and supplier holdbacks
  • Invitations to tender
  • Declarations
  • Production of T5018 forms – Statement of Contract Payments
  • Complete and structured project files 

  • Documentation management by folder
  • Production of multiple reports (per project, per customer, per project manager)

Also includes all functions of the Accounting Suite +

Account for your work in real time to closely follow up on costs and profits

  • Follow works in progress per project
  • Manage purchases and commitments
  • Specific prices on hourly rates and material
  • Specific functions per customer or per project
  • Invoicing based on works in progress
  • Manage extras

Benefit from all the flexibility you need to invoice your work

  • Prepare invoice projects
  • Follow overcharging or undercharging
  • Fixed price / cost plus invoicing
  • Customer deposits
  • Manage tax credits for new houses

Easily produce compliant payrolls and optimize the allocation of your resources

  • Calculate the cost of labour per project
  • Automatic CCQ salary rate updates
  • Produce reports and forms: CSST, CCQ, payroll deductions, employer’s monthly report
  • Manage vacation pays, pays by department, time banks and amounts
  • Integrated electronic transfer of documents to Clic Revenu direct deposit

Facilitate your estimate and budget follow-up processes

  • Draw up budgets per product and per worker
  • Actual budget analysis (expected profit and revised profit during the project)

No headaches: benefit from complete support from the start

  • Installation and configuration of the software by a specialized technician
  • Unlimited phone technical support offered by experts in the construction field
  • Unlimited tax, legal and technological updates

Immediately reduce your administrative costs and rapidly improve your profitability.

Have your needs evaluated by an expert. There’s no commitment.

Technical information

Platform Desktop or web-based application)
Other Acomba applications required None
Configuration required See details

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