Stop chasing timesheets!

The Mobile-Punch application can help you increase your business productivity by saving you time and money.

How much do you save each year with Mobile-Punch?

The mobile application saves you approximately one hour of salary per employee, per week.

5 employees $6,500

15 employees $19,500

35 employees $45,500

These savings are approximate and may vary according to your employees’ hourly salary The above calculation takes into consideration an hourly salary of $25.

Manage your employees’ hours and closely follow the work of your team from your office or elsewhere.

  • Employees’ punch in and punch out times

    Facilitate management of your timesheets with the mobile punch clock allows your employees to punch in and punch out everywhere, in a single click.

  • GPS localization

    Validate the presence of your employees in the field using the geo-tracking function.

  • Timesheet management

    Automatically account your timesheets based on your employees’ punch in and punch out times in the application and transfer the data to your Acomba software.

  • Production of reports

    Easily produce legal timesheets for the CCQ as well as CCQ and CNESST reports.

  • Project follow-up and management

    Create several projects at a time in the application and follow the cost of labour for each project in real time.

  • Import into Acomba

    Save time by importing your timesheets in batches into Acomba to view and approve them directly in your software.

Start off on the right foot with our basic training

This optional training session will help you get a quick start and get to know the application basics.

Technical information

Platform : Acomba (desktop or web-based application)
Acomba Construction Suite
Mobile applications: iOS, Android
The app can also work independently of your accounting software.

Application available for iOS (iPhone) telephones and tablets and Android.

Télécharger dans l'App Store Disponible sur Google Play