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How to increase traffic to your website?

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Whether you have a business blog or an e‑commerce site, you probably already know the importance of traffic on your site to guarantee your visibility, the sustainability of your business and a good position on the search engines.

Here is why insufficient traffic is a problem that you must solve sooner rather than later. But how do you increase the traffic on your website?

01 Updated content

Any website owner can tell you that the popularity of their content can vary greatly from one article to another. To prevent your less popular articles from affecting the traffic on your site, no need to relegate them to the dustbin!

You can take steps to improve them by modifying their structure, integrating more visuals in the body of the text and by enhancing or updating the information that they contain. Content that has been refreshed and dusted off will likely allow you to attract more traffic to your site by demonstrating your interest in offering relevant content whose information is current.

Remember, Google sees this practice in a very positive light, as it has a positive influence on the referencing of a site and, therefore, on its position in the search engines.

02 Content that meets a specific need

In order to attract a large number of visitors to your website, it is essential to offer content that meets the real information needs of web users. Although you may be tempted to provide very technical content to build your credibility and prove the scope of your expertise, this type of information is not necessarily what the majority of web users are looking for.

In fact, it appears that web users are actually looking to get their hands on content that can be used in their everyday life. Therefore, publications that share procedures to accomplish a specific task tend to attract a lot of visitors.

What's more, content that provides an answer to a specific question and is written in a familiar language is much more likely to interest web users. When they visit your site, they will certainly not want to waste time decoding a technical language. They would rather read content that is accessible, precise and creative. Therefore, you should always keep in mind that the content placed online must first and foremost take into account the needs of your target audience.

You should also remember that the more your content meets the expectations of your target audience, the more you increase your chances that this content will be shared on the social media.

03 Optimization of your articles

A specific title and a catchy meta description

For a web user to want to click on a link to your site, they must have a very clear vision of the content that is waiting for them when they take action.

That is why a very specific title with no ambiguity is more likely to be successful and increase the traffic on your site. Also, make sure to compose a catchy meta description to garner interest and encourage people to keep reading.

Well-structured content

Also, dividing content consistently by using titles which are assigned HTML tags is another aspect to consider in an optimization approach. Keep in mind that a text that does not integrate tags tends to be referenced less.

Continuing on this topic, let's just say that establishing a clear structure and identifying the most important elements of your text are also key factors in improving the referencing of your site and, therefore, in increasing traffic on your site.

Relevant key words

Finally, the integration of key words specific to your field is also essential to increase the traffic on your website. To determine which words will be the most profitable, start by drawing up a list of themes and subjects related to your field. Then establish a list of related key words.

Remember, you must target key words that are most likely to be used on search engines. To make sure you’re on the right track, test them one by one. The key words most searched by web users are those that will bring you the most success.

Integrate them wisely in your content, by being careful not to go overboard. In fact, an overabundance of key words will not help you, since Google now penalizes this type of practice and prioritizes the integration of key words in a context where their presence is justified in the content. In the same vein, make sure to diversify the list of key words that you use.

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