Acomba Construction

Main features of Acomba Construction

Acomba Construction is like Acomba, but with tonnes of functionalities to help you maximize your revenues and control your expenses for all your construction projects.

Do you want to know (and maximize) the profitability of each project? Acomba Construction is there for that!

A few examples of functionalities exclusive to Acomba Construction



Acomba Construction

Acomba Construction

Accounting and financial statements
Accounts payable
Accounts receivable
Electronic transfer of documents to Clic Revenu
Tax reports
Payroll management Optional
Manage CCQ salary rates Optional
Produce CSST and CCQ reports Optional
Follow works in progress per project
Create and follow-up on budgets by project, sub-project and customer
Revised budget during the project
Calculate the cost of labour per project
Customer and supplier holdbacks
Invitations to tender
Produce T5018 forms
Complete and structured project files
Manage purchases and commitments
Specific prices on hourly rates and material
Specific functions per customer or per project
Manage extras
Follow overcharging or undercharging
Fixed price / cost plus invoicing
Manage tax credits for new houses

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What does your Acomba Construction solution include?

A complete turnkey solution

With Acomba Construction in your toolbox, you will not need anything else to:

  • Closely follow your project budgets (and know which projects make you lose money!)

  • Easily produce complete and detailed invoices

  • Manage your finances and accounting

  • Process your employees’ payroll in compliance with CCQ standards


Your active subscription allows you to benefit from a top-quality support plan and privileges reserved for the members of our community.

  • Technical support

    You benefit from unlimited access to our team of qualified technicians who are there to answer your questions and guide you.

  • Exclusive content

    Access practical privileged information such as Lesson of the Week, Customized FAQs and User Guide updates.

  • Updates

    You are assured of respecting legislative and tax changes thanks to regular software updates. You also benefit from the improvements made to your solution.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does Acomba Construction cost?
The price of Acomba Construction varies based on several criteria and the options chosen: online or offline, etc. We invite you to contact an advisor in order to have your needs assessed and to determine the price of the solution that suits your preferences.

If you are a member of the APCHQ, don't forget to tell your advisor in order to benefit from exclusive discounts on your solution!
Are there additional modules for Acomba Construction?
Acomba Construction is an all-in-one kit which contains most of the management tools that you could need on a daily basis.

However, there are options at your disposal for certain more specialized solutions. Do not hesitate to consult the list of additional modules for Acomba Construction to learn more!
Is Acomba Construction offered online?
Yes. Acomba Construction online is a hosted version of the software which offers exactly the same functionalities, options and interface as the standalone version.
Does Acomba Construction work on Mac?
The best solution for using Acomba Construction in a Mac environment is to opt for Acomba Construction online. A Windows emulator for Mac can also be used.
What are the minimum configurations required to run Acomba Construction?
Processor: Intel Pentium IV or AMD equivalent (1.8 GHz or more)
Operating system: Windows 8 or +

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Certain functions for exporting reports or sending emails require Microsoft Office 2007 or a higher version (Office 365 not supported).

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