Acomba Construction

Complementary features of Acomba Construction

  • ACCEO Transphere

    Benefit from a secure electronic payment solution, fully integrated with Acomba. Use the platform to send invoices, pay all your suppliers, and manage receipts of customer payments in a few clicks.

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  • Deposit slip

    Produce and print complete deposit slips from transactions you have entered in your accounting software.

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  • Evalumo

    Get quick, custom quotes for your construction projects with real-time pricing from thousands of manufacturers in your region.

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  • Asset Management

    List and manage all your fixed assets (vehicles, land, buildings, equipment) in a single filing system connected to your Acomba software.

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  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Simplify the targeting of your communications with automatic mailing lists which are created from Acomba data according to the criteria of your choice

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  • Liquidity

    Quickly check the liquidity of each of your bank accounts at a future date with the help of a complete report, generated with data entered directly in your Acomba software.

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    Distribute your pay slips and facilitate the communication of important information with your employees (documents, news) via a customized web portal.

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  • Mobile-Punch

    Improve your time management and follow up on hours worked by employee and the progress of projects in real time thanks to the mobile application's geolocation function.

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  • Pre-authorized debit

    Receive payments from your customers faster and deposit them directly in your account with their written authorization, without waiting for cheques to arrive by mail.

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  • Point of sale

    Benefit from an efficient and performing tool to handle billing and counter sales without delay, whether you use the keyboard, mouse or touchscreen.

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